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027. Mic Flip: Talking Sport, Nutrition and Life with Hilary Spires on the TRW Podcast ft. Brittany Anderson

July 6, 2021

Episode 27: Show Notes.


In today’s episode, we continue our conversation with Hilary Spires, but with a bit of a twist. Our guest Hilary Spires takes on the role of interviewing our host Brittany to talk about all things endurance, nutrition, and motherhood. Tuning in listeners will hear about Brittany’s journey and how she first set herself ambitious training goals after pregnancy. She shares key takeaways from her course with Dr. Stacey Sims, all of which come back to the crucial lesson that ‘women are not small men’. We discuss some of the crucial differences between men and women in endurance sport, such as the distinctions between real food and race nutrition and how women process glucose differently from men. Brittany explains how your menstrual cycle and hormones affect your energy and how you process fuel. She also unpacks why taking in the correct carbohydrate to protein ratio during a race is essential. We loved hearing from our inspiring host, and we’re sure you’ll find the conversation every bit as informative as we did! For all this and much more, join us today!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Part two of our interview with Hilary Spires.
  • In today’s special episode, Hilary Spires flips the mic to interview our host, Brittany Anderson.
  • How Brittany became incentivized to take on big fitness goals after her pregnancies.
  • Brittany describes how she started her podcast to connect with and support other women.
  • How Brittany got into triathlons after the birth of her daughter.
  • The value of children seeing their mom doing something for themselves like pursuing fitness goals.
  • Dr. Stacy Sims and her course on nutrition and racing for women.
  • Dr. Stacy Sims’ lesson that ‘women are not small men’ and how it has changed Brittany’s approach to running, nutrition, and body awareness.
  • The difference between real food and race nutrition and how women process glucose differently from men.
  • How your hormones and where you are in your menstrual cycle affect your energy and how you process fuel.
  • Why women should prioritize consuming real food and only turn to liquid calories much later in a race.
  • Brittany shares her go-to fuel for half marathons.
  • The importance of ingesting the correct carbohydrate to protein ratio to avoid gut rot.
  • Brittany shares her thoughts on alcohol affecting performance.
  • We hear from Brittany about working out before breaking your fast and how she fuels herself when she doesn’t want a big breakfast.
  • How Brittany learned to take better care of her body and become her own advocate when it comes to seeking medical support.




“I've always been in sport in some way since I was a child. And once I had my kids my incentive to get back into shape post-pregnancy with all of them was really to set myself some big, audacious goals.” — Brittany Anderson [0:02:54]


“In terms of resistance, and longer endurance, women’s recovery to baseline is way faster than men. So we actually need to refuel our body within 30 to 45 minutes of our workout. A return to baseline for a man is 18 to 21 hours. Huge difference!” — Brittany Anderson [0:15:31]


“Really listening to yourself like ‘Is today's run feeling hard because I just don't feel like doing it? Or is it hard because my body shouldn't be doing this?’. Being honest with ourselves.” — Brittany Anderson [0:27:57]


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